Our Rittenhouse Square Location

Psychiatric Care In-Person and Virtually at 1818 Rittenhouse Square

In-Person Care Availability: We now offer face-to-face psychiatric care every Friday in Rittenhouse Square with Kevin Keane PMHNP, specializing in treating individuals aged 12 and above.

Collaboration for Enhanced Care: Our clinic at 1818 Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia, PA 19103, is working in close collaboration with The Therapy Group to ensure a comprehensive and seamless care experience for our patients.

Expansion of Services: Then, beginning in March, we are excited to welcome a Board Certified Child, Adolescent, and Adult MD Psychiatrist to our team, enabling us to extend our care to a broader age range, starting from age 4. We will soon expand beyond just Fridays at our downtown location.

Kevin Keane

Psychiatric-Mental Health
Nurse Practitioner

Meet Kevin W. Keane, CRNP, PMHNP, a compassionate and board-certified mental health specialist, dedicated to caring for individuals aged 12 and above. Kevin embarked on his healthcare journey at Neumann University, where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, followed by a Master’s degree from Walden University. His heart has always been in the realm of psychiatry, a field where he has dedicated his nursing career to enhancing mental well-being.

Kevin brings a wealth of experience from various psychiatric settings. He has made significant contributions in hospital environments, serving diligently on both geriatric and acute adult psychiatric units. Since 2020, Kevin has been an integral part of the team at Philadelphia Integrative Psychiatry, extending his expertise to the outpatient domain.

A firm believer in the holistic interplay of mind and body, Kevin adopts this approach in nurturing a happy, healthy lifestyle for his clients. He excels in active listening, ensuring a deep and empathetic understanding of each individual’s unique story. This approach enables Kevin to craft personalized treatment plans that respect and celebrate the diversity of his clients’ backgrounds.

Kevin’s authentic, approachable nature lays the foundation for building strong and enduring relationships with his clients. He is committed to providing both in-person and telehealth services, offering flexibility and convenience to meet diverse needs. Join Kevin on a journey towards mental wellness, where every individual is encouraged to embrace their true self in a supportive and caring environment.